Summer means fun in the sun. It is lovely, sunny and hot, but what does this mean for your hair?  You need to take additional care of your hair and hair extensions during the summer months due to increased exposure to chlorine and  rays of sunlight in addition to the regular pollution in the environment.

When it comes to taking care of your hair year round, there are five general tips for healthy hair:

Deep Conditioning:

Usually, many people choose to swim in the summer. Swimming in chlorine  leaves hair brittle and dry. Therefore, it is recommended that women deep condition hair every week vs every second week in the winter. This helps prevent dry and damaged hair as well as allows the scalp to retain moisture and nutrients so it can keep looking great and healthy.



When it comes to keeping your hair healthy on a daily basis, use mild shampoos without sulphates to wash hair. Do not use chemical based or mineral oil based shampoos as they will leave your hair dry and fragile. If you have hair extensions choose a shampoo that is designed for your natural hair type vs the texture and shape of the hair extensions.


Massaging natural oils into the scalp daily or before bed is another good tip for healthy hair. If you have human hair extensions in get a fine tipped applicator so you can squeeze the oil directly onto the scalp. Choose any oil that suits your hair condition and preference for scents.


A regular trim allows hair to grow faster and is great to remove split ends which makes hair look healthy.

Drinking water

And finally, drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables. Taking fish oil supplements is also said to help produce shinier locks. This is a basic formula to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

These are some small and effortless ways to look beautiful and gorgeous even when the heat rises.