When it comes to articles online to promote your business you need to really pay attention to some details. First, you can’t just place the same articles all over the place. Don’t so won’t get you the results you are after. Once something has been indexed the search engines will see it again as duplicate content. If they picked it up each time than a page of results for any search would be frustrating as you would see the same thing over and over again.

Search engine submission though isn’t difficult. You should be offering at least three fresh articles per week. Where you place them is completely up to you. There are plenty of directories out there. Find out the ones with the top rankings using the free Alexa search tool. You also want to find out the terms and the conditions before you go ahead with search engine submission on any of the directories.

Writing any online article doesn’t have to be rocket science. However, you do need to balance it. Don’t stuff it with so many keywords that the robots love it but that humans get turned off by it. Keep your keyword density between 2% and 3%. To get that keyword density divide your total number of words by the number of times you use it.

Every online article should have an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. That way it is all neatly packaged. Pay attention to the types of questions that your target audience is asking and you will be able to write articles that give them plenty of feed back. Instead of going in all directions in a single article, make them each specific.

This allows you to write many articles that are on a similar topic but also all very different from each other. You may be wondering how people will find articles that you have submitted. They can type in keywords into a search engine and find articles that way. They can also go to the various popular directories and enter the same information in a search box there.

Being able to find articles though is only the beginning. You want people to like your information so much that they will go to your website to find out more. You can write something about yourself, your business, and give a link in the resource box. This is part of how online article submission can work for you.