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What to look for in an Article Directory

When you are thinking about an article directory to place your written materials on for marketing, you want to fully evaluate them. First, take a look at the top ranking article directory listings for your niche. You want to be sure you are posting articles in places where people see them.

By doing so they will get indexed by the search engines robots. They can also be accessed when people go to that site and look for articles on any given topic. An article directory can work very differently from one to the next. Before you create an account find out what the policies and procedures are that are associated with it. If you don’t agree with them or they seem too difficult to be able to get your materials published then don’t create an account.

Focus on those that are simple to use and that you can quickly copy and paste your materials into. When you create your account you will need to provide some basic information. You will also need to create a log in password and user ID for it. Find out how long it takes from when you post your articles for them to be active on the article directory.

Some of them take three days and others can take up to a week. If you steadily add new articles to the directory though then you will have articles that are becoming live every single week once you get the flow of things. There could be a maximum number of articles you can post weekly so explore that information too for a given article directory.

Find out about the type of support that is available. While the use of an article directory is usually straightforward, there can be times when you need some extra help. Knowing you have that support on your side can help you to be very confident with your written materials and how to use them for effective marketing.

Sometimes there are limits on the number of characters for the body of the text or words. Typically you can’t have less than 250 words or more than 600 words for an article. You may have limited on your resource box too so just make sure you fully understand what is allowed and what isn’t. Otherwise you risk the article directory rejecting your materials.

Never use only one article directory as a resource for article marketing. You should have at least ten of them that you regularly post to. By doing so you significantly increase your chances of getting noticed online. You also increase your chances of converting interested people into buyers. The fact is that they will buy what they want online – so make sure it is your site they get it from and not one that belongs to the competition.

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